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All our jobs are designed by hand, from scratch. Therefore, it's impossible to give a generic price for any job. Use these examples as a guideline and if you'd like an exact price, contact us using the menu above and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Web design - On average, $100 per page is a
good estimate. Expect lower prices for personal/family
sites with pictures; higher prices for corporate
sites with online shopping and fancy graphics. Sites
with many pages that look similar (based on the
same layout) will be cheaper.

Web maintenance - Updates to your current site
are billed by the hour. Note, however, that we
typically don't work on the site straight through --
just because we're working on the site for three days
doesn't mean you're being charged for 72 hours! You
only pay for the actual time it takes us to make
your changes, and most minor changes take under an
hour. There is a minimum of a half hour ($35) for
any work done.

Domain Registration - If you don't have a site
yet, we can register your domain name for you.
Domains cost $20 per year and can be purchased for
up to five years in advance.

Site Hosting - Hosting prices depend on how
large your site is and if you'd like to host using
our services or use your own. Make sure you read your
host's terms carefully -- for example, Register.com
sticks a banner on their cheapest hosting package's
pages... not real professional! If using your own host,
contact us for pricing to set it up. If you'd rather
use ours and not worry about those details, we offer
plans starting at $23 per month (first year must be
paid up front). After your agreement is up, we can
continue hosting at the current price or we can transfer
the site to you. You're locked in at whatever rate
you start with -- we will never raise your rates at the
end of a contract. And there will be no banners or
pop-up advertisements on your site, unlike some other

Search Engine Submission - Pricing depends how
many search engines you'd like to submit to, but starts
around $20 for most of the major sites. This price
assumes your site already has meta tags in place. If
it doesn't, or you have no idea what meta tags actually
are, contact us and we'll look into it.

Graphics Design - Contact us for pricing. All
graphics become property of whoever commissioned the
work; we retain no ownership rights to your artwork.